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80% of the workforce isn't in front of a computer. CastCircle lets them collaborate using live video.

Tap one button and you go live to 1 or 50,000 people.

Ask questions and vote on solutions.

Everything is stored and searchable.

A better way.


“Go live. Add a quiz. Training video done.”


Trying to create the perfect Powerpoint or carefully worded email without any grammatical errors?

With CastCircle, you could replace this struggle with a simple live video broadcast.

Surveys instantly aggregate opinions and documents are shared without switching systems.


CastCircle is built on circles of people, who succeed by working together.

Circles can be inter-disciplinary, geographically diverse and inter-organizational and scale to thousands of people.


Have you ever struggled to schedule a meeting or call, and then ended up with an available time-slot two weeks from now?

With CastCircle, you go live. People that are available can respond directly, those that aren’t can watch a recording to catch up.

Speech-to-text makes everything searchable.


“Tap one button, and I’m live to 10,000 people. Company updates have never been this easy.”

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