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Ultra-low latency video at scale.

Sub 1 second video latency, with 50,000 live viewers
UDP streams can handle 30% packet loss. QoS.
E2E network average delay 100ms guaranteed
High fidelity 48Khz audio, echo cancellation, automatic gain, noise suppression iOS, and Android ‘consumer-level’ friendly apps
One touch broadcast without any plugins or software download on a desktop, and mobile web

castcircle messaging


As you broadcast, viewers can chat and pose your questions. You can ask for solutions to your big problems. Or just gather feedback or ideas.

You can also direct message individuals, or groups of people with text, images or live video.

castcircle quizzes

Quizzes & Polls

Real-time quizzes can be used to test your viewers, live a pop-quiz and the answers are calculated in real-time.

Polls can be used to vote on the best solution, or just rate how well your broadcast went!

We can count over 1,000,000 votes a second in real-time - just in case you get really popular.

castcircle documents


You can send Powerpoints, Word or any other document while you are in a live broadcast, ensuring that everyone has the latest version of the important Excel.

And you don’t have to worry about size limits, deliverability or versions - because everyone gets the same copy.


Back-end storage and databases are provided by Google and comply with the latest ISO 27001 standards and SOC 1, SOC 2 & SOC 3

Our proprietary video platform uses 100 distributed server with DoS protection. Channel data is encrypted using AES 256, uses dynamic security keys, and is HIPAA compliant

All data in transit is encrypted using SSL

castcircle text


The latest AI/Machine learning algorithms convert every word spoken into text so that it can be tagged and made searchable.

castcircle text

Natural Language Processing.

All transcripts are run through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to understand the context of what is said. Specific places, people are extracted and linked to a Wikipedia glossary.

castcircle translation


Advanced AI takes the text and converts it to 30+ languages to ensure that anything that was said is understandable by your global employee base.

castcircle search


All transcripts are indexed in an Elastic search store so that everything said can be searched.

Every word is linked to the appropriate point in the video.

Additional plugins also allow the searching of the contents of all documents

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