“CastCircle is the best way to collaborate with my team”

Roman Perez - M3 Creative

M3 Creative is the award-winning TV and movie production house behind big feature films, like ‘John Dies at the End’, as well as international commercial campaigns for studios, networks, and brands.

“We needed a way to collaborate - quickly and visually”

“When you’re working on set halfway around the world you don’t have time to constantly send text messages to your team to get a problem solved or to keep looking for the sound guy. Time is money, especially for the client, and you need to get the job finished before the day runs out.”

M3 researched a number of tools to improve its on-set workflow and optimize its production process but found that most of those tools were text-based and didn’t work within the creative process of a production environment.

“With CastCircle, I create a Circle of my team on set and quickly do a live video broadcast with one tap. Every problem solved, clearly and quickly. And, if we need to change anything or get an approval, it can all be done via the app. Plus, everything is recorded and transcribed so we always know who said what.”

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