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Have you considered how much live video could enhance your collaboration? Interactively design products, solve problems on the factory floor, or deliver your latest sales presentation!

No need to craft the perfect email, or PowerPoint. And you don’t have to spend time scheduling meetings, and attending meetings where nothing gets decided.

With CastCircle you tap one button and you’re live video broadcasting to your team. Everything is recorded and searchable so those that missed the live video can respond later. CastCircle is redefining organizational collaboration.

Problem Solving.

How do you solve critical problems? Set up a conference call? Send emails? Run around the office shouting for help?

With CastCircle, one button and you are live to your whole team. Everyone can message their solutions Then vote on the best one.

Problems solved in minutes, not days.

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Corporate Communication.

Keep any organization aligned, motivated and engaged using CastCircle.

Your CEO taps a button and is live to the whole organization straight from their phone. No need for expensive equipment and set up.

Everyone gets a push notification. And they can watch using the iOS or Android apps, or just the website on their desktop or mobile web.

Run Ask Me Anything sessions, gather new ideas, and investigate problems.

Private and secure. CastCircle is a better way.


“Go live. Add a quiz. Training video done.”

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Employee On-boarding.

Delight new recruits even before they start work.

With CastCircle, you can explain how your company works, your policies and how to use any line of business tools. Team managers can even introduce themselves. Plus, any paperwork can be embedded right into the video!

Employees can run through the videos before they start their first day, so they can hit the ground running.

Learning and Development.

Creating engaging learning tools is complex and time-consuming. And there is real inertia to getting employees to use these tools.

Using CastCircle your most knowledgeable employees can create training videos in minutes straight from the phone. To really engage their audience, they can add quizzes and polls right within the application. And because these videos are live, employees will be excited to watch them live, and talk about them with colleagues.

Plus, all videos are archived - so you can build a real organizational encyclopedia of knowledge.

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Constantly having to make employees, suppliers or customers aware of changes and need to get them to opt-in?

You’ve been sending letters or emails, but with CastCircle one simple video explaining the change, and getting them to tap one button solves your major compliance headaches. Everything is recorded and everyone who viewed and opted-in is recorded.


“We are making seismic shifts in how we engage with customers, and our employees.”

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Deliver a delightful support experience using live video.

Consumers can use CastCircle to initiate a support call - even directly from their browser. You can diagnose the problem easily directly from the video and all videos are stored for future reference. CastCircle delivers a new paradigm in the customer support experience.


Are you judging the best resumes or the best applicants?

With CastCircle, potential recruits can watch a video explaining the company and role. Then they live broadcast their application answering a few key questions that you’ve set up. Because the applicant video is recorded live, and they only have a set number of seconds to answer a question, it makes it very difficult to Google the answer or ask a friend!

Every application is instantly recorded and transcribed so it can be shared with key team members, improving your recruitment process and saving time.

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Still getting employees to sign bits of paper every time they complete a task?

When you go live with CastCircle, videos are uploaded to our Cloud in real-time creating an audit trail that cannot easily be faked. Your team can be sure they are compliant with government agencies or insurance requirements, like a security walk-through of a stairwell to preparing a kitchen for food delivery.


“Tap one button, and I’m live to 10,000 people. Company updates have never been this easy.”

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Knowledge Management.

Key knowledge workers are more valuable than ever. What if you could capture their knowledge and problem-solving process, then disseminate it into your organization - all with just a couple of taps on your phone?

With CastCircle you have frictionless knowledge storing with video, including desktop screen share. All speech is converted to text, tagged and made available to search so everything can be easily found. You can capture how to wire a Boeing 777. Make the new Pumpkin Latte. Clean a hotel room. Set up a Facebook ad. The options are limitless.


Just one tap and you’re live to tens of thousands of potential customers around the world.

With just one-second video delay, you can be truly interactive. Ask viewers to submit questions. Run quizzes. Take polls. Send documents. Plus, everything is translated for your international viewers. It’s an interactive experience that your customers will love.

And when it is over, everything is stored for those that missed the live event.

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What if you could evolve passive viewing to new engaging gamified experiences? Consumers can play along and guess outcomes.

Typical streaming solutions delay video by 30 seconds, and when there is network buffering the delay gets even longer. When you are playing live that just isn’t acceptable. At CastCircle we consistency deliver less than one-second video delay and can count a million votes per second. CastCircle delivers the next generation of live video gaming experience.

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